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The tension hung in the air as a King and a Queen sat opposite each other, their guards flanking them on either side. Pools of blue as cold as winter staring into calculating and proud violet.

“Strange for us to be meeting like this despite the enmity between our Houses.” The Mother of Dragons broke the silence, her voice laced with amusement and wisdom that betrays her age.

“I can say the same.” The Young Wolf replied and inclined his head.

“Tell me, why should I agree to an alliance when I can easily defeat you?” Daenerys asked.

“Bold and confident for a queen whose army is outnumbered by mine.” Robb replied with a smirk.

“I have dragons.” Daenerys reminded. “Three dragons.” she emphasized with a smirk of her own.

“True.” Robb agreed. “But they can be killed all the same even if it takes a thousand men.”

Silence settled on the room as the two sovereign measured each other. “I am looking forward to test that.” Daenerys smiled. “Do not think that I forget your father played a part in the usurper’s rebellion that almost extinguished my House, Lord Stark.”

“Your Grace.” The Greatjon corrected. Robb held up a hand to silence him which only resulted in further grumbling from his trusted bannerman.

 “If the stories were true, I believe it was Prince Rhaegar who started it all. If it wasn’t for him, my Grandfather, Uncle and Aunt would be still here and the realm in peace.” Robb answered and Daenerys frowned. “I guess that makes us even.”

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If there was one part about the ‘family business’ Robb hated, it was being sent to conferences. The very concept of a conference seemed like dull torture with no means to an end in Robb’s eyes, and he’d just short of begged his father to send someone else to this one. ‘The Westeros Coalition Architecture Extravaganza’ - what an idiotic name. But Neddard Stark had resolutely refused.

"You’re my oldest," he’d said gently, but firmly. "You need to learn to network. Make friends in the business."

"We have friends in the business ” Robb had retorted, and his father had looked at him patiently, with a small glint of amusement in his eyes.

"No," he’d replied. "I do.”

It wasn’t that Robb wasn’t personable. He was  - he made friends quickly and easily, and loved talking to people. It was his cousin that was the shyer sort, and Robb took comfort knowing that at least he was less miserable than Jon would have been here. But still, there was nothing fun to do at conferences, nothing truly interesting to talk about. No one really wanted to hear about his ideas or innovations - they already assumed they knew what a Stark could do in the architectural field. Most of the people here were older than Robb. Everyone figured he was just Ned 2.0, and they respected him, but they didn’t want to talk of new and exciting projects. They only wanted to praise his family on the latest improvements to the Winterfell Building, trying to get in good with one of architecture’s biggest names.

It was, frankly, a drag. As the first day of the event drew to a close, Robb had parked himself at the host hotel’s bar, slowly nursing a scotch. He wasn’t much of a drinker, but anything was better than those stupid workshops or icebreaker events. Even staring at the bar’s woodgrain and trying to make out patterns to amuse himself. God, could anything be less entertaining? Internally, he prayed for something - anything - exciting to happen, while loosening his tie with one hand. Well, at least he only had to endure this for a few more days.

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we were the king and queen of promise.


Robb began to speak but the words would not leave his mouth. I thought the Targaryen girl was dead, he thought to himself. This could change everything. “I’m Robb of House Stark.” His head nodded gently in her direction. “What brings you to Winterfell?”

“I am Daenerys Targaryen.” she told him. “And we have enemies in common, Your Grace.” she said, using respectful titles. “I know that House Stark helped my family loose the Iron Throne, I know that my house has committed crimes against the Starks that would take years to forgive, but there is a new war now.” she started, they had to look past old hurts. If they both had a similar enemy, they could indeed be allies. “Old hurts need to be forgiven to pave the way to an alliance, and that is what I come to seek.” she told him softly. “I have an army, 8,000 unsullied.” she said, “Eight thousand men to join to your Northern forces, and perhaps more importantly I have Dragons.” she said letting that word hang in the air for a moment. “Three dragons.” 

She stepped closer placing a hand on the table that housed his map. “There was once a time House Baratheon was as close to House Stark as if they were brothers, and they have betrayed you.” she said her voice soft, she knew she didn’t need to remind him of that. “Let’s fight together, fight with me, Your Grace. Fight with me together there will be no more enemies of House Stark or House Targaryen. I swear to you, any enemies you had will break before our forces.”

The boy took a seat and leaned back confidently in his chair. If he was feeling anxious about this encounter, he would not let it show. His hands wandered through his thick, auburn curls as he heard her out. During the speech, Robb nodded accordingly, agreeing with many of the points she was making. Her strength and will were admirable, and her charisma was enthralling.

"You share the same enemies as I do, my lady. House Baratheon has soiled its alliance with House Stark as the boy king in King’s Landing rules with cruelty and no just. He is not the rightful heir to the Iron Throne." 

A smile curled upon his lips at the realization that House Stark and House Targaryen had officially been united. Their predecessors may have fought each other in war, but that didn’t mean that the two houses had to remain enemies. “With your dragons and my direwolf,” he began, eying Grey Wind, “we’ll be invincible.”